Cheryl Graham - Printmaker - Monotypes and Mezzotints

Artist’s Statement

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.
— Carl Jung

These prints all begin in darkness. The plate is completely covered in black ink, then through various mark-making methods, the highlights are drawn out from the shadows. The marks are both swift and subtle, echoing the contrast between light and dark that is embodied in all of the figures. The faces represent no one in particular, but the struggle to confront inner darkness and come into consciousness.


Paper Nest show extended

Just found out that there’s no show scheduled for July, so my work can stay up at the Paper Nest. Hours are Thursday through Sunday. For more information, see their web site.

The show is up!

Had a good time hanging the show yesterday at the Paper Nest. Big thanks to my helpers Sayuri and Jessica! There are 15 framed monotypes on three walls, plus I’ll have some loose prints in a portfolio for folks to see (and buy!). Opening reception is tomorrow, Friday June 6.


Still printing

Made three good prints last night. This was the last one.